Did you get to where you are today on the solo train? Or did you find insights and guidance from those ahead of you helped point you in the right direction in your product career?

Even knowing where you wanted to go, was it a straight line? Or was it more like an adventure series full of highs, lows, and everything in between?

Did you know that sharing your perspective can help the next generation of new and aspiring/pivoting product managers get started and get ahead in their product careers?

Connect with me on LinkedIn to learn more oh how you can give back to the product community by being a guest of the Coffee with Product show.


Is Coffee with Product a video podcast?
Nope, the podcast is audio-only. We will use Zoom with video-enabled to help facilitate the interview process, but we will only record your beautiful voice.

Is the show live-streamed?
Absolutely not. That's way too stressful. :) We will record your episode at a time of your choosing and then it will go into post-editing to be published at a later date.

How long does it take to record an episode?
Most episodes only take about 45-minutes to record, start-to-finish, but we will block the calendar for an hour at a time that is convenient for you.  

Do I need any special equipment to be a guest on the show?
All you need is a quiet place to take a zoom call and preferably a wired microphone. We will do a soundcheck before the recording to test that everything is working properly.

What can I expect to be asked during the interview?
Most interviews follow a common show format designed to help you share your best product wisdom and career tips for new and aspiring/pivoting product managers. We may also take a few AMA questions towards the end, but that is entirely up to you.  

When will my episode be published?
I publish one episode per week with several completed episodes always queued for publishing in the upcoming weeks. Your episode will also be queued for publishing once I've produced the final version after post-edit. I'll share an estimated release date with you at the time of your recording.