Tune in to listen to Patrick McNulty, Regional Director at Twilio.com, share the stories behind some of his best GO TO MARKET product wisdom & career tips for new and aspiring/pivoting product managers.

Patrick's product wisdom & career tips discussed in this episode

  1. Inputs, Outputs, Constraints
  2. Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose - Find your purpose, something you believe in, and then go put yourself in uncomfortable positions
  3. Don't just go looking for something that exists, try to create something, have a hypothesis, have a point of view and go convince somebody that you're the right person to help them solve that.
  4. PM's first and foremost in my belief are salespeople, hands-down, because a PM at its core is a consensus builder
  5. Convey thoughts in writing
  6. Have an opinion, have a hypothesis, but you have to be able to take the facts and pivot if something is not working, and quickly do it
  7. Your communication style has to adapt to what people are attuned to listening to.
  8. When you become a manager one day, you are a career ambassador to your direct reports, give the feedback them the feedback they need to grow
  9. Don't overlook the power of a compliment, don't overlook the power of an expression
  10. Asking for feedback, what are the things that are going well and what are the things that can be improved
  11. if you're not where you want to be today, set a goal and don't have to talk about five, 10 years, just set three months, a few months into the future, write down what some of those actions are.

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