Tune in to listen to Susan Stavitzski, Senior Product Manager @ CarMax, share the stories behind some of her best product wisdom & career tips for new and aspiring product managers.

Susan's product wisdom & career tips discussed in this episode

  1. How to develop customer empathy? Go talk to as many people as possible every single day.
  2. 3 buckets of PM specialties; customer-focused, tech-focused, business-focused
  3. You can stand out as an aspiring PM by taking on personal projects, put your ideas out there, get feedback from others, don't just sit on it and do nothing
  4. Everyone has workarounds when the software does not do what they want it to do, these are opportunities
  5. Make it a priority to hang out with your customer success team, they are the front-line
  6. The most powerful teams are the ones that actually do everything together.
  7. Take every opportunity, create your own luck

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